Sue Callaway from Fortune recently provided a video review of the Tesla Model X. The review is very straight-forward, personable, and concise. Overall, her takeaways of the luxury SUV leave it falling short. Callaway surely points out some pros, but the cons (especially at this price point) are not to be ignored.

Baby Seat And Baby Are

Baby Seat And Baby Are "Squished" When Moving The Second Row Seats Forward In The Tesla Model X

Tesla loaned the Model X P90D to Fortune for the opportunity, surely with confidence of a positive report. Had the reporter been "performance" and "tech" oriented, maybe the Model X would have fared better. Callaway was very impressed with the speed and autonomy of the vehicle. She also noted her love of the infotainment features. However, when it came to car seat issues, seat controls, cargo space, and detail build quality, she was let down.

Callaway tested a baby seat in the second row. She was assured by Tesla that although the seats all move together, the baby will not get "squished" if she moves them forward to access the third row. She borrowed a baby and tried it out but her test immediately "squished" the baby seat. Thus, with a baby in tow, the third row seats become inaccessible.

Callaway said:

“Oh! Nope. Baby’s getting squished. That’s not good. It’s not supposed to hit the back of the driver’s seat.”

A rep from Tesla told her that the concept only works if the baby seat is not occupied by a baby!

Tesla Model X Carpeting Coming Unglued And Fraying

Tesla Model X Carpeting Coming Unglued And Fraying

Another baby issue was pointed out when Callaway tried to stow a stroller in the car's front trunk space. Again Tesla told her that it would work and that there is plenty of space. The stroller didn't fit, and Callaway even struggled to put the stroller in the car's rear storage space. An SUV that can't easily fit a stroller?

The quality issues that she noted boiled down to peeling weatherstripping and loose carpet. Definitely not issues one should expect on an ultra-luxury, high-priced vehicle. This type of report is surely not favorable for the close to 400,000 people waiting for a low-cost, mass-produced Tesla Model 3.

This is by far not the first report of Tesla Model X quality issues. Other reviewers have pointed out problems with the rear seat hinges, the windshield, and multiple detail "fit and finish" issues. Tesla has been diligent thus far in addressing and resolving issues. Hopefully, reviews such as this continue to push the company's quality standards forward.

Source: Fortune, Jalopnik

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