Toyota hybrid car sales – April 2016

Toyota hybrid car sales – April 2016

Toyota recently announced a milestone of selling 9 million hybrids, which includes some plug-ins.

Nearly half were sold in Japan (4.376 million vs 4.633 million overseas).

Despite introducing new models with hybrid drive, these are difficult times of late for hybrids.

Over the last four years sales of Toyota hybrids have stalled between 1.2 and 1.3 million thanks in part to the introduction of plug-in vehicles which tallied some ~550,000 worldwide in 2015.

In fact, sales slightly decreased in both 2014 and further in 2015 compared to a 2013 peak.

Toyota currently offers 33 hybrid passenger car models, and one plug-in hybrid (PHV).

Today however, the Prius PHV is awaiting is new 2nd generation model, the Prius Prime (Plug-In) this Fall.  First gen Prius plug-in sales ended with a total of 75,400 sold (0.84% of all hybrids).

The majority of plug-in Prii were sold in the U.S. (see graph on the right above).

Whether the recent oil price surge will also again enable growth of hybrid car sales, or consumers will continue to more fully embrace plug-in tech is still up for debate, however whether or not the Prius Prime will outsell the first gen model (which was more of an after-thought conversion) is is only a question of how fast it will do so.

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