Model X Falcon Door In Parking Garage

Model X Falcon Door In Parking Garage

Tesla has pushed through a software update to reduce the chance of phantom detection on the Model X's falcon doors, but now it seems another issue has potentially popped up as a result.

According to the automaker, the update to the operation of the doors was to "to improve closure consistency and reduce false detection of obstacles," but that same update increased the pinch risk.

Owners had complained that the doors would falsely detect an object and close or stop moving on their own. This convinced Tesla that an update was needed to improve operation, but the software change apparently disabled (or significantly lessened) the pressure sensitive sensors in the door frames, which means that the doors won't stop nearly as easily and then reverse when on obstruction such as a hand is in the way.

Tesla has so far declined to comment on the potential safety issue.

A couple of YouTube videos posted by MEtv Product Reviews shows the door slicing a cucumber in half after the software update. The first of which is below (the other you can watch here).

Shortly thereafter (video #2 below), the MEtv host updated his report (with confidence gained from Facebook), and bravely put his arm in the path of the Falcon Wing while closing. Did it detect his arm and stop in time? Snap his arm completely off? Off just give him a nice chomp?

Video (below): ye olde arm in the door test

Source: Automotive News

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