This is a very interesting video of a Tesla owner and his son on a roadtrip. It gives a pretty accurate representation of what it's like to drive a Tesla, and specifically to rely on Superchargers.

It even starts out with them stuck in line at an area full of busy chargers, referencing the fact that people often "park" at the spaces all day long - something Tesla has recently taken steps to curtail via a 40-cent-per-minute fee for parking at the stations when busy.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model X

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model X

They are hours behind leaving for their destination, not only due to having to wait in line forever, but also because of the hour long charging time. With 154 miles of range, they may not even make it to their destination, which is about an hour away (100 miles mostly uphill), but will now take them 4 hours because of traffic!

Anyway, at this point you may want to fast forward, as there is a fair amount of 'non-interesting banter for a few minute.

However, the "cool part" kicks in at about 5:30 in the video. The duo arrives at a Las Vegas Supercharger station, to find Unplugged Performance's Model X and Model S. Unplugged is gracious enough to let them check out the Model X in detail.

Video Description per YouTube Channel What's Inside? Family:

At the Las Vegas Super Charging station we ran in to the COOLEST pimped out Tesla model X and Model S by Unplugged Performance. Completely custom $220,000 Tesla. Wow!

This was at the end of our Tesla Road trip for the Rewind Video filming.

The owner gives a "tour" of the car and explains each of the modifications. It is enlightening, as many of the mods reduce weight significantly. This welcome surprise more than makes up for their charging and traffic debacle. Super cool!

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