Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV

One of a handful of websites out there focused on automobile design is Car Design News. To the best of our knowledge, Car Design News is the first such site to take aim at the Chevrolet Bolt.

From a design perspective, Car Design News appluads the Bolt for "its essential character" that's almost immediately apparent from first glance. What's that "essential character?" Umm...Japanese MPV. The site states that the Bolt isn't easy to size up at a glance, but notes that it's basically the same size, dimensionally, as the Kia Soul. Probably bigger than you thought it was then.

Turning attention to the inside, Car Design News states:

"In the interior, four persons can sit in relative comfort. There is plenty of headroom for all on board. The cockpit feels narrow, the seats especially so. As for the décor and ambience, Wired magazine perhaps best summed up the situation: “Being inside the Bolt feels a bit like flying economy class on a brand-new, state-of-the-art plane.”

The website says "platiscky" is what comes to  mind when inside the Bolt, even if you opt for leather seating.

Inside the Chevrolet Bolt EV

Inside the Chevrolet Bolt EV

So, Car Design News isn't enamored with the Bolt on the design front. The website goes on to explain that General Motors could've had a game-changer here, but instead it dropped the ball by basically designing an appliance on wheels, when the right path would've been to design an icon. Something along the lines of the BMW 2002, Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Corvair. Something with flair...y'know.

The article concludes with this:

"The Bolt could have been the Mustang or Corvair Monza of our era. It had the potential to be an affordable, sporty car that spoke of the future and the fun of driving, or an autonomous car that could be a cool ride, not just a transportation appliance."

"Make no mistake, GM deserves high praise for the effort to bring electric car mobility to the everyday driver."

"But we’re left with the feeling that an opportunity for Chevrolet to put yet another icon on the American road – another Corvette or Camaro or Bel Air – has been missed. What a shame."

Source: Car Design News

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