Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

Chinese company CH-Auto Technology announced that preliminary production of Qiantu K50 will begin this month.

Interestingly, the all-electric roadster will be available not only in China, but also in the U.S. - if the company's ambitious plans come true.

Although we have to note that zero Chinese cars are on US roads today, compared to the roughly 5 million claims (more or less) by Chinese automakers over the past few decades that they will indeed someday make them available in the US.

Despite the opportunity for roofless fun, the 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds186 miles (300 km) of range, it will be difficult for the K50 to compete with Tesla (especially if currently undisclosed price would be around $100,000), but that apparently is one of the goals.

Qiantu’s chairman Lu Qun said:

“We attach great importance to the US because of its size, and it is also an open market where we see opportunities for our car. We want to be there and compete with others.”

After the initial start-up period, expectations are for Qiantu to produce a "few thousand cars" annually, starting in second half of 2017.

source: South China Morning Post

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