Trusting a car to parallel park itself can apparently be a risky decision.

Such is the case here with this Tesla Model S that attempts to park itself in a spot with ample space.

It appears as though the S didn't recognize the white truck (white does seem to cause detection issues more often than other colors) and when trying to park itself, it gave the truck a gentle nudge.

Damage seems minor, but still...

Video description:

"For some reason, the left ultrasonic did not catch the truck’s rear bed and though the end of the tire was the end of the obstacle... It started it’s straightening maneuver way too soon."

"I parked behind the white truck right away in one shot, this was not a “too tight spot.”

"Bad Tesla. Even still! Remember that until these things are perfect, the person in the driver’s seat should watch out for such things."

Source: Jalopnik

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