eMotorWerks JuiceNet program is a charging solution that co-ordinates with regional power companies' grid management systems to notify your charger when the system is under strain or "dirty" power is in use.

When a JuiceNet enabled charging system is running, either via EMW's own JuiceBox Pro charger (10 kW), or using your existing EVSE with a JuicePlug universal attachment (retailing at $149), the charge rate is modulated/lowered temporarily until the grid load is stabilized.

The program is currently available in California only, but will shortly be expanding outside of the state.

By signing up for the program, dirty (and expensive) power consumption is reduced, and grid operators kick back the savings to the end user through eMotorWerks equipment.

Depending on charging requirements, users can earn up to $400/year, with the average EV owner returning about that amount over 3 years (~$133/year).  The system works automatically, and best of all your EV still gets the full charge it requires.

Editor's Note:  ClipperCreek and eMotorWerks also teamed up to produce a JuiceNet enabled Clipper unit, the HCS-40 (7.7 kW)

If interested you can learn more about (or sign up for) the JuiceNet Rewards program here.  EMW is also currently offering an instant $50 start-up bonus to get the program kicked off.

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