ChargePoint Home

ChargePoint Home

ChargePoint announced a special offer of Home charging station (32 Amp, 7.7 kW) 10% off on the occasion National Drive Electric Week (September 10-18).

ChargePoint Home is available through Amazon for $674.10 by September 18.

"For National Drive Electric Week, we’re offering 10% off ChargePoint Home.* Charge your electric vehicle (EV) 6X faster than a wall outlet, set reminders and track all your charging in one place.

The 32 Amp station lets you charge up fast, adding about 25 miles of Range Per Hour to your EV. An 18’ cord is a good all-purpose length. A 25’ cord gives you the flexibility to park in different places, like in the garage or driveway. The Plug-In station is easy to take with you when you move, and you can even install it yourself if you have the right outlet, but it needs to be installed indoors. An electrician needs to install the Hardwired station, which is safe to put outside.

*Buy the 32 Amp station on Amazon to save 10%. Offer ends September 18"

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