In the "Did You Know?" category, we present the Tesla Autopilot Camera Defroster that works even when the vehicle is powered down.

Now, you might be thinking, won't this kill the battery? Well, sure, over lots of time it would, but there's a real positive to defrosting this camera that's likely unnoticed by most of us.

With defrost always on (provided the temps/conditions require it), the Tesla can immediately be Summoned without waiting the 10 or 15 minutes it would take to clear the camera of snow and ice so that it can see its way.

As YouTuber Kman states:

Tesla Motors: Autopilot Camera Defroster in Action

"This video shows how the Defroster strip on the Autopilot camera functions even when the vehicle is not in use! Seems to be fairly effective at it's job! I'm curious as to if Tesla is using a defroster or heating element on the new Fully Autonomous cars. As a little slush and snow would render them useless!"

Other cars with autonomous capabilities could employ a similar system, but we've yet to see it in action on anything but a Tesla.

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