Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is moving through implementation phase of its Charge Ready pilot program to install 1,500 charging points.

SCE intends to present details of the project at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday at SCE’s Energy Education Center, 6090 North Irwindale Ave., Irwindale. Parking is available in the center’s lot, which has eight EV chargers available for public use.

The Charge Ready pilot is valued at $22 million ($14,667 per charging point) and is just an introduction to the full-scale project with 30,000 charging points (at a total estimated cost of $355 million), that expansion will be submitted for CPUC approval in the future.

Charging stations to be installed where cars are parked for extended periods — for example, at workplaces, apartments, condo complexes, fleet vehicle parking lots, campuses and recreational areas.

  • SCE will install and maintain the supporting electrical infrastructure at no cost to participants
  • participants, or site hosts, will own, operate and maintain electric vehicle charging stations
  • As an additional incentive to participate, SCE will offer rebates to offset some or all of the cost of the charging stations and their installation, depending on the location and type of establishment. The program also calls for at least 10 percent of the charging stations to be installed in disadvantaged communities.
Caroline Choi, SCE’s vice president for Energy and Environmental Policy said:

“We are excited to partner with employers, landlords, universities and other organizations to make it more convenient to charge electric vehicles in Southern California,”.

“What separates Charge Ready from other electric vehicle charging programs is that it encourages broad market participation, customer choice and technology innovation. Participants will have the ability to select equipment suppliers and charging services based on their site’s needs.”