Karma Revero's New Infotainment System Reportedly Much Improved

Karma Revero's New Infotainment System Reportedly Much Improved

Autocar recently got in touch with Jim Tayler, chief revenue officer at Karma Automotive. According to Taylor, the Karma Revero will be sold in Europe starting in 2018. That's a year or so after U.S. deliveries are promised to begin for the Revero.

Autocar states:

"The Karma Revero is on course to arrive in Britain in late 2018..."

"Speaking exclusively to Autocar, Taylor explained that the hybrid sports car was undergoing late development testing ahead of its full reveal in the US next month. It would then take more than 12 months for the business to evolve to a point where entering European and Asian markets was viable."

Taylor even commented on the solar panels on the roof of the Revero. Quoting Taylor:

"The energy collected from the solar panels is supplied directly to the car's high-voltage battery, which in turn powers the the electric motors. Our solar panels are twice as powerful as the original ones."

"We're still a long way off from being able to charge it up significantly in a few hours, but if you left your car parked in an airport car park for a couple of days, you'd see more energy." 

In regards to the car, Tayor suggests that the new Revero is quite improved in some areas compared to the defunct Fikser Karma:

"The improvements are in the electrical areas, in software reliability and battery chemistry. The mechanical parts and suspension are pretty much unchanged."

The Revero's full reveal is set for September 8. 1,000 or so units are expected to be built for all of 2017.

Source: Autocar

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