Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Newly Designed Model S

Newly Designed Model S

Korea Herald is reporting that Tesla Motors will finally enter the South Korean market early next year with the launches of both the refreshed Model S and Model X SUV.

The Model 3 is expected to go on sale in South Korea sometime in 2018.

News of Tesla's arrival in South Korea comes to us via KT, the nation’s second-largest mobile carrier. According to undisclosed sources. KT will be Tesla’s partner for telematics technology solutions in South Korea.

There's some additional information regarding charging stations in South Korea. It's believed that Tesla may partner with KT in that regard too. As Korea Herald reports:

"Sources also said Tesla may consider KT’s plan to build EV charging stations when it makes a final decision."

"KT recently announced its plan to build 100,000 movable charging apparatus for electric vehicles -- which can be simply charged through outlets -- by 2018. Apart from the charging apparatus, the mobile carrier is considering transforming its idle public phone booths nationwide into EV charging stations."

KT confirmed that it's in talks with Tesla, but wouldn't provide any additional details.

Model 3 reservations opened in late March in South Korea, though we don't have any numbers on how many reservations came in from Korea.

Source: Korea Herald

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