Ulsan Plant Producing ix35 Fuel Cell

Ulsan Plant Producing ix35 Fuel Cell

Hyundai intends to introduce a new hydrogen fuel cell model in 2018...at around half the price of the current Tucson Fuel Cell according to the Korea Herald.

This new FCV could be the dedicated model hinted at earlier this year.

A quick calculation shows that pricing in South Korea for the new fuel cell vehicle could be around 60 million won (around $54,000 US) or 32.5 million won (around $29,000) after the local 27.5 million won subsidy is applied.  So, still not what one might call inexpensive, but a marked improvement to be sure.

Moreover, the range of new Hyundai FCV is said to be increased from 415 km (258 miles) to 600 km (373 miles).

The sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for Hyundai (and the tech's supporters) to date have been way below company expectations and aspirations of their supporters.

The latest data indicates a total 544 deliveries, including 77 in South Korea, and over 100 in U.S., and over 250 in Europe.  In July for the US, 8 were sold (33 YTD).

Much of the fuel cell technology advancement and production today is based on governmental support, so lowering the price (regardless of profitability per unit) to show an increase in sales is a necessary action in order to keep that R&D money (and emission credits) flowing.

There is still a continuing expectation by the South Korea government that they will put 10,000 FCVs on the road by 2020, while exporting further 14,000.

source: Korea Herald

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