1966 VW Bus Conversion To Electric

1966 VW Bus Conversion To Electric

Volkswagen is reportedly prepping an electric Microbus for future production.

According to reports, the VW Microbus will have range of up to 500 km (NEDC) and will offer the latest in autonomous driving technology.

Autocar states:

"Sources close to the German car maker describe it as a future relevant concept featuring modular architectural and technical solutions."

"...it is said to be one of up to five dedicated electric powered models tentatively chosen to spearhead the company’s entry into the electric car ranks at the end of the decade."

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

The electric MPV will be a seven seater and will ride on the MEB platform that underpins the VW I.D. electric concept car.

What's unclear is whether or not this production-bound Microbus will actually be based on the Volkswagen BUDD-e concept that's been around for awhile.

Some additional speculation from Autocar, citing "sources" close to the automaker:

"The new Microbus is also claimed to benefit from the same space saving driveline layout as the ID, with a power electronics package sited up front and a 122kW electric motor mounted low down at the rear within the rear axle assembly."

"As with the ID, the modern day Microbus is planned to offer standard rear wheel drive. Alternatively, it is also claimed to support four-wheel drive with the aid of a so-called electric propeller shaft and smaller satellite electric motor mounted at the front and used to power the front wheels."

"the expansive floor area of the Microbus concept provides sufficient space for a battery large enough to endow it with nominal range of up to 500km."

It sure seems as though Autocar knows quite a bit of specific details, so it's safe to assume that the "sources" are actually closely tied to the electric Microbus project. If all this proves to be true, then the electric VW Microbus will likely be a smashing success when it comes to market in 2020 or so.

Source: Autocar

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