Plug-in electric car sales in China – April 2016 (source: <a href=EV Sales Blog)" draggable="false">

Plug-in electric car sales in China – April 2016 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Yesterday we touched on the fact that over 30,000 electrified vehicles were sold in China last month (including buses, commercial vehicles, micro-vehicles)

Nearly 20,000 of those were plug-in passenger EV sales, as noted by the EV Sales Blog who took the time to break down and estimate the number by individual models (right table).

A year ago, passenger EV sales in China stood at around 10,000.

The largest part of the pie, as always, belongs to BYD, who is not only a manufacturing giant, but builds its own batteries in-house for its EVs.  Like the rest of the country, BYD also managed to more than double its sales from just over 3,500 in 2015 to 7,000+ this year.

With 3,145 sales BYD Tang plug-in hybrid SUV is also clear market leader among plug-ins.

BYD April sales breakdown:

  • Tang – 3,145
  • e6 – 2,089
  • Qin – 1,225
  • e5 – 706
  • Qin EV300 – 245
The BYD e6 is also currently experiencing a second youth with over 2,000 sales last month, after the introduction of a 82 kWh version - good for up to 400 km (some 250 miles).

Two other strong contenders for top selling honors month-to-month in China are the BAIC E-Series EV (with 1,415 sold in April and 6,998 YTD) and the JAC i EV (2,331 in April and 6,741 YTD).  We think both could stand to have some better name branding.

Tesla who ships product to China in batches, returned to an estimate 150 registrations, after a March surge to 1,304.

BYD e6 400

BYD e6 400

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