Tesla Motors has re-released a popular charging adapter for the Model S and Model X (for some reason unknown to us, this product was initially available with the launch of the Model S, but then disappeared for a couple of years).

The adapter, often referred to as a dryer plug adapter, is available here at the Tesla store.

As Tesla states:

The NEMA 14-30 adapter will provide recharge speeds from 15-17 miles of range per hour of charge to a Model S or Model X. This outlet is commonly used for electric dryers and is convenient for charging at friend's or relative's home.

Technical specifications:

*- Compatible with Tesla Mobile Connector *- Requires 30 amp circuit breaker *- Provides 24 amps to a Tesla

*- Voltage range: 208-250

Tesla president Jon McNeil announced the re-release of this product rather emphatically via Twitter:

Tesla's President Chimes In

Tesla's President Chimes In

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