A common complaint among Nissan LEAF owners is that it just doesn't have quite enough zip off the line, especially as compared to many of its all-electric peers.

Depending on the model year LEAF, 0-60 mph comes up in anywhere from 9 to 11 seconds (the older model year cars, build in Japan were/are faster).

But what if there was a way to make your Nissan LEAF Tesla Model S fast?  And best of all, that upgrade would set you back absolutely nothing?

Turns out, all you have to do is shed a pesky thousand pounds or so and you are there!

Who needs that exterior sheet metal or doors?  Totally overated.

The video (above) shows what an unburdened Nissan LEAF, and its 110 hp/210 lb ft of torque can do, as the car awaits being re-purposed into a pretty nifty 1966 VW bus conversion project by Tlbscustoms (today's LEAF is rated at 107 hp/187 lb ft of torque).

Bonus footage (below):  the day before the Nissan LEAF was donated to the VW bus, it had an impromptu race against a Pro-Touring Mustang (from the 7:00 mark)

Hat tip to InsideEVs reader Alex!

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