From Photoshop to full-size clay...

Fisker eMotion

Fisker eMotion

Henrik Fisker's eMotion electric car is inching closer to reality as it now takes a physical shape, at least as a full-size clay model.

Fisker stated:

"Fisker EMotion taking shape in full size clay. Lot of emotional sculpture. My favorite part of developing a car!"

No new details were released, so we'll recap what we already know:

  • Working prototype to be revealed in mid 2017
  • Delivery timeline announced mid next year
  • Estimated 400 miles of range
  • 161 MPH top speed
  • Graphene battery
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction
We wish Fisker luck in bringing his second plug-in vehicle to market, but we tend to believe eMotion is more a design exercise than an actual attempt at breaking into the segment. Guess we'll find out next year when/if the working car is revealed.

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