It's a classic case of now you see you don't.

Fortunately, Hybrid Cars was able to capture the now you see it part, which suggests that the Chevrolet Bolt electric car could enter production starting in October 2016.

As Hybrid Cars points out, General Motors' 2017 Fleet Guide initially listed Start Of Regular Production (SORP) for the Bolt at Orion assembly as October of this year (see image below) - exactly where it was expected.

Bolt Start Of Production Listed For October 2016

Bolt Start Of Production Listed For October 2016

An updated 2017 Fleet Guide was released a day later with the SORP Oct 2016 line completely removed from the Bolt's status.  A quick look at other industry resources simply list a "Q4 2016" start date.

This October start of production date reveal would seem to (once again) underline the validity of the original leaked disclosure from multiple suppliers over a year ago (February 2015) that confirmed the Bolt EV would indeed enter production (well before GM announced it), would be built in Orion, Michigan (well before GM announced it), would have an Opel sister car (also well before GM confirmed), would be built starting in October (Bolt EV), and that suppliers were told to expect a volume of 25,000-30,000 units.

It would seem the only piece of original leaked info yet to be verified is the 25-30k production run...but with so much else proven accurate at this point, it is hard to imagine it is not.

Hybrid Cars reached out to Fred Ligouri of Chevrolet communications for response on the matter. Here's what he stated:

“We’re excited to bring the Bolt EV, the world’s first affordable, long-range electric vehicle, to market. Our plan remains to begin production in the fourth quarter of 2016. We look forward to providing our customers the highest quality and best-in-segment performing electric vehicle.”

Q4 could mean as early as October, but Chevrolet was not willing to confirm this.

When asked about the dealer ordering timeline, Ligouri responded:

“We’re leveraging the strength of our dealer network and the relationships they have cultivated with their local customer base to manage the anticipated high demand for Bolt EV.

“While distribution plans are not yet finalized, we want to first satisfy demand in markets where EV acceptance is strongest."

Source: Hybrid Cars

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