BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e

April finally saw a big rebound in BMW i sales worldwide after three months of exceptionally poor results.

In total 2,181 i3s and i8s were sold (1,854 i3 and 327 i8), which is 29.4% more than year ago.

The BMW i3 alone grew by 50.7%, but we have to say that the model now finds itself under a lot of short-term sales pressure with confirmation of a new 33 kWh version arriving later this summer.

The BMW i is however just part of BMW's broader expansion in the plug-ins. The German company sold 4,504 plug-ins in total for April, and nearly 52% of those were not BMW i.

In April 2016 3 per 100 BMW sold were plug-ins

The other big plug-in entries for BMW are relatively newer cars like the X5 xDrive40e and the BMW 330e. In total, non-BMW i plug-in hybrids accounted for total 2,323 sales - the first time ever eclipsing the specialized brand.

The X5 xDrive40e logged 1,196 deliveries in April, representing nearly 10% of all BMW X5 sales worldwide.

Three largest market for BMW plug-ins in April were:

  • USA
  • Scandinavia
  • UK

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