Electric Vehicles in Fremont (source: <a href=Fremont, CA)" draggable="false">

Electric Vehicles in Fremont (source: Fremont, CA)

Fremont boasts that is home for more electric cars than any other ZIP Code in California, and holds approximately one third (32 percent) of all EV drivers within Alameda County.

One might note that Tesla's manufacturing facility also happens to be based in Fremont, California.

To keep up with the charging infrastructure needs, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the City of Fremont, Prologis, Inc., Gridscape Solutions and Delta Products Corporation and installed eight new public charging points on the corner of Fremont Boulevard and Warren Avenue:

  • two Delta DC Quick Chargers with dual heads (CHAdeMO and Combo)
  • six dual AC Level 2 charging stations
The total number of charging points has now increased to 26 DC fast chargers and 56 AC Level 2.

Fremont is lucky enough to not only be a manufacturing home for Tesla Motors, but also charging infrastructure providers Delta and Gridscape, both Fremont-based.

Tesla's Fremont Assembly Facility

Tesla's Fremont Assembly Facility

"Fremont, Calif., is “ground zero” for the electric vehicle movement in the United States and home to celebrity-status electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors. With Tesla delivering more than 50,000 vehicles in 2015, the City is continuing to invest in an electric-powered future.

Fremont’s 94539 ZIP code has rebated more electric vehicles than any other ZIP code in California, and the city is home to approximately one third (32 percent) of all EV drivers within Alameda County. The EV charger installation project, funded by the California Energy Commission Grant under PON-13-606, is part of a larger effort to build a citywide infrastructure of public EV charging stations that can accommodate Fremont’s growing number of EV drivers."

"The new charging stations and the open payment processing kiosks have been operational since December 1, 2015. The Level 2 chargers are able to recharge a vehicle in two to three hours. The DC Quick Chargers, supplied by Delta Products Corporation, are able to fully recharge an electric car battery in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. The chargers are equipped with both SAE “Combo” and CHAdeMO ports, and can achieve industry-leading power conversion efficiency of 94 percent.

Vipul Gore, CEO and founder of Gridscape Solutions — the company that managed the project and provided the open payment processing kiosks and cloud-based managed OCPP network software service — predicts that by its third year of operation, this project is estimated to divert 133,000 kg of greenhouse gas emissions annually, replace approximately 957,000 conventional vehicle miles with EV miles, save 40,000 gallons of fuel annually and generate significant revenue from EV charging services for both Prologis and Gridscape.

With this latest installation, electric vehicle owners now have the option to charge up at a total of 26 different DC Fast Charging ports and 56 Level 2 charging ports within Fremont. The City’s other public charging stations are located at Pacific Commons Shopping Center, the Tesla factory, Ohlone College, Lucky Supermarket on Mowry, and Whole Foods Market, which houses the most heavily utilized stations out of NRG’s entire DC-charging network in California. Looking ahead, the City of Fremont has secured funding to install an additional 17 dual-port Level 2 public charging units throughout the Downtown area, and BART has been funded to install another 23 units at the Warm Springs BART station."

Some ~90,000 Tesla EVs Will Be Produced In Fremont, California in 2016

Some ~90,000 Tesla EVs Will Be Produced In Fremont, California in 2016

Cindy Bonior, President and CEO of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce said:

“We’re interested and active in economic development within our city, and we’re committed to achieving this in a responsible and sustainable way. The addition of these charging stations is critical to our progress and success in this goal,”.

Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison said:

“Fremont is a major traffic corridor for the Bay Area with vehicles flowing in from I-880, I-680 and the Dumbarton Bridge. The EV charging stations provide Fremont’s 3,915 electric car owners, as well as commuters, with a quick and convenient method to charge their cars while working or exploring the City. We’re excited to be able to offer these stations to our residents, employees and visitors.”

M.S. Huang, President of Delta Products Corporation said:

“The City of Fremont is doing a tremendous job of creating the public infrastructure necessary to foster a high adoption rate of electric vehicles. We’re delighted to contribute our cutting-edge EV quick charging technology to the City’s initiatives, as they perfectly align with our mission to offer a complete range of proven EV charging solutions for a cleaner environment.”

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