Tesla's dual-motor AWD system is set up for on-road performance, but that same system seems capable of tackling some rugged, snow-covered terrain with relative ease too.

Video description:

"We've put Tesla Model X to the off-road test: checked its passability at diagonal spin test on snow. Also we checked body stiffness. And as a bonus we've measured its acceleration at -6C with a VBox device."

As Teslarati points out:

"Though the Model X appears to be outfitted with a set of popular winter tires among Tesla owners, the video is nonetheless impressive as it showcases the vehicle’s chassis rigidity – helped by the floor-mounted battery pack – and the computer’s ability to intelligently distribute torque to wheels that require it the most. In this case, traversing a slippery ditch."

That rigidity is put to the test by opening all of the X's doors when the SUV appears to be in a compromising situation.

Source: Teslarati

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