Alta Motors presents it assembly line for the all-electric Redshift MX, and talks about the bike with Dirt Bike Rider magazine.

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Redshift MX

"The impressive Alta Motors electric motocross bike was a sensation at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm – the combination of Josh Hill and the Redshift MX blew fans away, and the battery-powered beast has started to rack up a lot of fans too.

So when the cool people at Alta Motors said come and pay us a visit, we said hell yeah!"

The second video (below) is more detailed look at the machine with presentation from Alta's CTO, and features a test drive on the track.

In the next stage, Alta Motors will begin production of SM bike and then also some 1-2 new models.


Dirt Bike Rider takes a look the Alta Motors Redshift MX electric motocross bike. The team at Alta give us the lowdown on the machine behind the headlines and we give the bike a good shakedown. Read the full review in the February issue (out Jan 2017) of Dirt Bike Rider magazine..."

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