We're all well aware of the fact that Tesla is in the process of locking down suppliers for the Model 3 as quickly as possible. The automaker has set a final target date for Model 3 suppliers too. That date is July 1, 2017.

Well ahead of the cutoff date, the first official supplier has come forward to make an announcement.

Korea's Hankook Tire has secured a supply deal for the Model 3.  Interestingly, it is Hankook who is also probably the most ready and capable of all future suppliers to meet that July 1st, 2017 deadline to Tesla.

As the video description states:

The U.S. automaker, which specializes in eco-friendly electric cars,... finalized its deal with Hankook Tire in Los Angeles, after comparing samples submitted by multiple global tire companies.

Hankook Tire says it will provide the American company with tires specifically manufactured for the "Model 3" that aim to minimize battery loss.

The value of the contract has not been revealed.

Standard Model 3 tires will likely be of the low-rolling resistance variety. We expect more performance-oriented tires to be offer as an option.