2019 Tesla Minivan Rendered By Top Speed

2019 Tesla Minivan Rendered By Top Speed

When Tesla released its Master Plan - Part Deux last month, and stated that the company would be building a "a future compact SUV and a new kind of pickup truck", the floodgates of public imagination opened as to what those future Tesla's might look like.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (<em>unfortunate naming aside</em>) will be the first proper electrified minivan ever sold when it arrives this Fall in the US

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (unfortunate naming aside) will be the first proper electrified minivan ever sold when it arrives this Fall in the US

Now Top Speed thinks that the Master Plan should perhaps expand a bit further, to a segment we rarely see plans to add a plug - the passenger minivan segment.

"Tesla might be missing an important segment niche – the minivan. Sure, sales of minivans have dwindled with the exploding popularity of the crossover, but families continue to rely on the minivan’s unparalleled interior volume and downright handiness for hauling the kids and their stuff."

And to prove a point, or at least show what a proper minivan with Tesla's name on it (and riding on the Model X chassis) might look like, they have taken a pass at rendering such a vehicle.

We should note that Tesla did mention a "high passenger-density urban transport" vehicle/van-bus thing was in the offing as part of the 2nd Master Plan, based on the California Custom Volkswagen Kombi.  And that the VW-inspired Tesla transport vehicle (and a heavy duty transport truck) would debut next year in concept form as long term projects for the company.   However, our impression is that the urban people hauler will be more of a public transportation solution, and possibly autonomous to some degree in function.

Currently, only the upcoming Chysler Pacifica Hybrid will be getting the electrified passenger van treatment.  That product arrives in a few months, and has a 30 mile/50km range before switching back to gas.

Previously a 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck was rendered by Top Speed

Previously a 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck was rendered by Top Speed

"The Model X is, quite honestly, almost a minivan anyway. Swap those Falcon doors and sloping rear roof for something a bit more family friendly, and boom – a minivan. That’s the idea here. There are several major design changes our rendering shows between the Model X and the minivan. Up front, the position of the A-pillars are slid forward, maximizing the passenger compartment and creating that minivan look.

At the sides, a familiar handle operates the electronically actuating sliding doors. The main support track for the doors could be hidden within the interior door panel. With the door closed, the interior panel would look normal, but when opened, a narrow section of the panel would arch open, revealing a track mechanism that runs along a hinge hidden in the C-pillar. It’s far-fetched, sure, but so are the Falcon Wing doors."

Top Speed sees the Tesla minivan being offered in all the familiar battery option as the Model X, but in this case feels the performance P90D is probably not warranted (just buy a Model S or X we suppose); soccer mom's will have to put up with 0-60mph times of just under 5 seconds.

So good idea to make another use of the Model S/Model X platform?  It would be cost efficient for Tesla to produce for sure, but would it dilute the brand to produce a minivan?

The full speculative write-up on the Tesla Minivan, and why Tesla should (or should) not produce such a vehicle can be found at Top Speed here.

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