General Motors has officially confirmed that the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is right on schedule and that deliveries will be made prior to the end of 2016, exactly as promised.

Chevy Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV

Confirmation comes via Yves Dontigny, production launch manager for the Bolt. Dontigny was questioned on the timing of first Bolt deliveries and when asked if they'd occur prior to the end of the year, he responded:

“Yes, we’re on target to do that."

As we already know, Bolts are en route (via train) to dealerships in California and Oregon. Once these vehicles arrive (any day now, we assume), some final prep work will be performed by dealers and deliveries will commence.

We firmly believe that first deliveries will occur prior to Christmas (what a swell gift that would be!).

Dontigny wouldn't provide any expected delivery figures, but did say that the production ramp up in still underway:

“We’re still ramping up (Bolt) production."

Even when the inital ramp up is complete, there will be room for more expansion. As Ward's Auto explains:

"Orion also builds the Chevy Sonic compact car, which has been a slow seller this year averaging about 4,400 sales per month as low fuel prices and the popularity of CUVs have dampened demand in the segment 11.4% through November. Production of the Buick Verano premium small car at Orion was suspended for good in October."

"That means there is plenty of unused capacity in the 4.3 million sq.-ft. (213,676 sq.m) facility, a 45-minute drive from GM World Headquarters in Detroit. In 2008, when it built the Pontiac G6 and Chevy Malibu midsize sedans, the plant cranked out 250,425 units."

Dontigny confirmed the extra capacity:

“There is capacity to tap.”

Dontigny added that if demand warrants, the Orion factory could add an extra shift just for Bolt production.

Source: Ward's Auto

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