A recent article by Zacks.com posted on the NASDAQ website rips into Tesla CEO Elon Musk with an eye-grabbing headline as follows:

"As SolarCity (SCTY) Crashes, Is Elon Musk Overrated?"

The article opens with this:

"Less than a week after another disappointing earnings report from Tesla Motors, Inc. TSLA, there was more bad news for Elon Musk on Tuesday. SolarCity Corp. SCTY , for which Musk currently serves as chairman, reported a wider-than-expected Q1 loss , sending shares plummeting nearly 25%."

And concludes with this statement:

"SolarCity is struggling. Tesla is struggling. Elon Musk is not the King Midas of making companies perfect."

Typically, Musk would have a quick retort to such a blatant attack on the solar company he is chairman of, or the automaker he is CEO of, not to mention there's a direct shot taken at Musk himself, which would usually rile him up.

But not this time....

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to give a simple, one-word response to the question of "Is Elon Musk Overrated?" Here's his response:

Am I Overrated? Definitely, Says Elon Musk

Am I Overrated? Definitely, Says Elon Musk

A humble response that shows you can't always get Musk riled up, especially when the article in question is so clearly anti-Musk, anti-Solar City and anti-Tesla.

Source: NASDAQ, Twitter

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