Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Motor Trend's Tesla Model 3 online feature following the March 31st unveiling was granted the number one most viewed feature for the year thus far.

This gave the folks at Motor Trend some ideas, and hopefully enough newly generated clout to make them a reality. Shortly after the Model 3 article, Motor Trend convinced Tesla PR to allow for another exclusive deal. They pulled it together in four short days. So, how did it all go down?

Newly Refreshed Model S

Newly Refreshed Model S

Photographer Brian Vance asked at an editor's meeting after the unveiling feature:

“What about Model 3 for the cover? Better yet, what about the car at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada with CEO Elon Musk?”

Tesla agreed to the latter, minus Musk. A Model 3 at the Gigafactory. Then adding to this, photo shoots of a refreshed Model S and a Model X SUV.

With the company giving Motor Trend a very limited working time, and the magazine's release deadline only days away, six Motortrend journalists headed quickly to Reno, Nevada.

The mission: Capture as much content on Tesla’s three-vehicle lineup as possible in 10 hours and broadcast only the Model 3 shoot to our fans and followers online.

Brian Vance, Travis LaBella, and Robin Trajano initially focused on multiple photos and videos of the Model X and Model S. Meanwhile, Chris Bacaralla, Motortrend's social media editor, worked on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook live streaming the Model 3. Reporter Kim Reynolds stood by taking notes of the whole process for use in the online story and for later use in the follow-up story.

Simple iPhone photos were used for the online blog post, along with the Snapchat shots and Facebook's livestream. The super high def shots taken with "real" cameras were set aside for the team to use later for the "How we made it happen post". Top photos were also integrated into Motor Trend's YouTube Channel in another feature entitled "Motor Trend Presents".

Motor Trend is hoping that the overall concept fares well. The idea of quickly posting exclusive content through the blog and social media, followed by a later, more in-depth, high quality recap should surely grant double success.

Check out the "Motor Trend Presents" video to have a better look at what was all involved.

Source: Motor Trend

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