At a first owners meeting in Portugal, Tesla owners also put together a pretty convincing video request, "Please Don't Forget Us", for the company to set up its first service center and store in the country.

To date, there are about 100 Model S EVs in Portugal and reportedly 1,400 Model 3 reservations; but the nearest service center is in Bordeaux, France, some  750 miles/1200kms away from the capital city of Lisbon - where the bulk of the Teslas call home.

Currently customers must travel through Spain to the French cities of Aix-en-Provence or Bordeaux, to service their Teslas.

With owners like this, we imagine it won't take Tesla too long to "make it so".

Update:  And that didn't take long, as Tesla CEO took to Twitter late last night in response...and all it took was two letters:   "OK" - so mission accomplished!

Our thanks to Nuno Rogério Santos for pointing us to the video!

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