Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric after the launch of its first all-electric car, the SP:01, hints at new models - both a sedan and SUV.

The SP:01 is said to have launched retail production, but we are not sure how things are with sales, as the company isn't saying much...but we assume not that great, and this announcement maybe more or a way to try and raise more captial.

The electric sedan (of Audi A6 size) is to be launched in 2019, followed by SUV based on the same platform. Production goal stands at 50,000-60,000 annually.

As Electrek who pointed out the rb article states, it feels alot like Tesla's roadmap - and we'd have to agree.  In fact, it appears to be a near perfect copy:  Roadster based on Lotus platform, then the Model S sedan followed by the Model X SUV.

Although Detroit Electric's CEO Albert Lam encourages differently, "We're not trying to follow Tesla".

Well, Tesla sold some 2,500 Roadsters and then attracted a pile of money to begin production of the Model S.  So, it will be interesting to see how Detroit Electric intends to introduce its electric sedan at the beginning of 2019, as clearly the company doesn't have the cache of its California mentor.

source: via electrek

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