AAA’s mobile electric vehicle charging

AAA’s mobile electric vehicle charging

AAA introduced a mobile electric vehicle charging service in 2011, offering Level 2 AC charging and/or CHAdeMO DC fast charging services from a specialized truck.

As a result, stranded EVs could now count on help in several pilot markets set up by AAA, but after five years it seems that there is not much need for an emergency recharge service.

Apparently, electric car owners are very aware of the range abilities of their vehicles, and seldom call for AAA's help.

With a 15-minutes fast recharge, EVs could back on the road and ready go another 15-20 miles to home or charging station.

Greg Brannon, AAA director of automotive engineering and industry relations said:

“It seems that folks who drive an electric vehicle are very aware of the range of that electric vehicle. Our feeling is that they keep a pretty close eye on it and manage their drive accordingly—much more so than a driver of a gasoline vehicle.”

Because the major market test area hasn't shown high demand for mobile electric vehicle charging, there is currently no plan for nationwide roll-out.  So we guess that is good news?  Hard to say, depends on one's perspective we suppose.

"the number of individual service calls due to EVs running out of charge to be “in the thousands, but not tens of thousands, of incidents.”"

AAA's pilot includes:

  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
Interesting is that in 2015 "about a half a million of AAA’s 32 million total roadside assistance calls (1.5%) were from drivers who ran out of gas".  ICE drivers, accustomed to longer ranges, more often forget to fill up and become stranded than BEV drivers apparently.

source: Car And Driver, hat tip to sven!

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