Opel's latest Ampera-E (European cousin to the Chevrolet Bolt) advertisement tries to present the car's range (best in class, for sure) and quietness in a humorous way, but the video largely falls flat on all fronts.

Opel's video description (and yes, the emoticon is part of the automaker's description...we didn't add it in):

"Humans, bugs...and even god: everybody’s talking about the new Opel Ampera-e’s best-in-class range. Those who still have doubts about electric cars will be floored after watching this film ;)"

The gist of the video is that the two cockroaches are safe out on the road. The bugs believe they'll hear any approaching cars and think that no electric car can reach them out in the countryside. Little do they know that the Ampera-E is inbound...even God is surprised by the Ampera-E's ability.

The video fails to impress us and never once do we even seen the car. Your thoughts?

via AutoBlog