Nissan ZEOD RC At LeMans

Nissan ZEOD RC At LeMans

ACO president Pierre Fillon (ACO is the group responsible for organizing the 24 Hours Of Le Mans) thinks that someday in the future we'll see a variety of zero-emissions race cars on the Le Mans track.

Quoting Fillon:

“Le Mans is important not just for racing, but also the future of mobility. The future of mobility is zero-emission, so Le Mans must be the same.”

Fillon says that Le Mans is a leading force behind the development of advanced hybrids (non plug-ins) and thinks that pure electric is the next step, and that the Le Mans race cars will advance electric technology of the road cars we drive today.

As Autocar states:

"Fillon believes the future of Le Mans and the WEC will involve both battery electric and hydrogen racers, but that hybrid systems will remain the most effective choice for several more years."

Thankfully, driverless cars aren't welcome at Le Mans for the time being says Fillon.

Source: Autocar

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