Nismo Spec Nissan LEAF

Nismo Spec Nissan LEAF

CAR magazine, after talking with Gareth Dunsmore, who is Nissan's Electric Vehicle Divisional General Manager in Europe, suggests that future Nissan LEAFs could have a "go faster" trim level.

Apparently the 2011 LEAF Nismo RC is the signpost for the future.

Ultimately, Nismo did also develop a sporty kit for LEAF in Japan (full details) that both tweaks performances and design, but it's really hard to say what to expect from an augmented next generation we can't say what the next LEAF actually provides as a baseline.

But as to whether the next LEAF will get more power, or there will be special version?  When asked specifically, Mr. Dunsmore is still holding the cards close:

"We had the Leaf Nismo RC as a one-off prototype and it shows where the vehicle’s spirit could go, in Japan we have a special-edition Leaf called the Leaf Aero Style, which is a more sporty package. One thing we certainly need to do is challenge perceptions and that’s also what Bladeglider (details on recent debut of functional prototype) is here to do – to challenge those perceptions."

"...if you jumped into a Nissan Leaf and you’d never driven an electric vehicle before, I would challenge anyone to get out and say the car doesn’t have a sporty feel to it. The second you touch the accelerator, the instant torque and smoothness of acceleration, that is exciting, and well-suited to link up with things like Nismo."

source: CAR magazine via Autoblog

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