Bicycles are becoming more and more popular these days as many people are focusing on physical fitness, and due to increasing traffic congestion, roadwork, and green consciousness, people are more compelled to get on a bike.

Fully electric bikes, or bikes with even some minimal electric assist are rising in popularity as well, but are expensive. Kits are available for conversions, but again they are typically expensive as well as difficult to install. Semcon has come up with a solution.

Semcon Electric Bicycle Motor

Semcon Electric Bicycle Motor

Semcon's new smart bike motor prototype is inexpensive and simple to install on most all bikes. Anders Sundin, Technical Director at Semcon explains:

“The needs and wishes of the typical cyclist are what got us started. The benefits of the electrified bike are obvious, but existing solutions are expensive and complex. That’s why we developed an engine which is compatible with any bike and easily shared among friends and family,”

The motor is small and can be carried around by the user. It weighs around 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs.), and packs 150 watts of power. The motor is set up with pedaling detection. The system will engage to assist the rider between 7 and 25 km/h (4-16.5 MPH). The company's hope is that the rider will experience a more comfortable ride that is still at safe speeds.

Semcon's bike motor is also "smart". Inside is a tiny computer with the software. It will also be possible for the user to add apps to the system in the future. Semcon hasn't developed apps as of yet, but the apps could be anything from setting speeds or range, to GPS tracking and theft control.

The prototype motor is not currently being sold, however, the company is actively looking for investors to buy into the product and make it available in the open market. The price will be under €100 (under $150).

Source: Semcon

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