As it is Thanksgiving weekend - and much of the weather around the US isn't so hot (and the EV news-flow is not so strong), we figured this would be a good time to share Ben Rich's (electric biker and sometimes IEVs contributor), interesting review of a Alta Redshift SM test ride this Summer around Brisbane, CA.

We gathered a few highlights of the video, which taking into consideration Ben's experience, should be a "must see" for those interested in a new EV motorcycle.

The Redshift SM is rated at 50 miles (80 km) using 5.8 kWh battery.

According to the review:

  • acceleration (40 hp) is great, smooth drive
  • regen isn't strong but you can adjust the power
  • suspension is nice
  • overall bike is small but tall, good for twist roads
  • for commute, sporty seats should be replaced for something more convenient
  • sound (with chain) is easy to get used to

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