Tesla Model 3 Prototype

Tesla Model 3 Prototype

Model 3 With Tweaked Front Fascia - <a href=Via Jordan on Twitter" draggable="false">

Model 3 With Tweaked Front Fascia - Via Jordan on Twitter

The Model 3 that Tesla revealed at the end of March is still just a prototype, but according to Tesla, the production-version of the electric car will be locked down on or before June 30, 2016.

This June 30 target was revealed during the Q1 Tesla conference call by CEO Elon Musk:

“from an engineering standpoint, we are already almost complete with the design of Model 3. So I think we feel pretty good about engineering completion of the last items probably within six to eight weeks, thereabouts. And so we’re sort of completing the final release for tooling no later than the end of June.”

So if the Model 3 will be ready for tooling no later than the end of June, then the full production-intent version should also be on display for the world to see right around that same time.  Tesla will also be free to ready "part 2" of the Model 3's debut, with all the components finalized at that time; although we suspect that will still come much later, closer to the EV's second half 2017 release.

Among the changes we expect to see from prototype to production form include a reworked front fascia and a fully redone interior with some exciting touches.

Source: Teslarati

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