A recent episode of Motorweek celebrated the 100th anniversary of the US parks services, and its changing regard for the electric vehicle (from the 6:30 mark).

At all the parks, a new focus has been put on cleaner transportation - whether that be in the employ of alternative fuel transportation for the park employees and patrons, or setting up some 27 parks (and growing) with EV charging stations - in prime locations.

Most of the 27 parks in the EV program have just 1 or 2 stations, but some, like the greater Mississippi National River and Recreation Area already count 11 charge points to serve plug-in vehicles today.

Bonus:  Motorweek also checks out one of the "original" charging stations at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in New Jersey, which was "designed by Edison himself to power up his personal fleet of electric vehicles", as well as a look at one of Edison's early EV conversions.

Motorweek's coverage of plug-in technology begins from the 6:30 mark of the video above.

Hat tip to ffbj!


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