Next in a long list of "Easter Eggs" hidden by CEO Elon Musk, and recently found on Tesla electric vehicles, is this "rainbow charge port" trick.

Demonstrated in a video uploaded to YouTube by Kevin Schreiber (via a TeslaMotorsClub thread by Lon 12) is a demonstration of how to enable the multi-colored illuminated charge point.

Says Kevin on the find:

"While car is locked and charging, press button on charge handle 10 times in quick succession. Works on Model S and X.

Do not attempt with a gasoline vehicle ;)"

Lon12 on TMC notes he had some additionally finagling to do to activate the charge port dance:

"To get this to work I had to stop the charging. Put a scheduled time in so you see the blue light before you press it ten times"

This find piggy-backs the recent discover of the "rainbow road/cowbell" display mod Easter Egg find from April.

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