Tesla's Fremont Assembly Facility

Tesla's Fremont Assembly Facility

Following the reveal of the Tesla Model 3 and it's 400,000 early reservation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made it known that the electric automaker will be going on a hiring spree to secure talent and line employees to meet insanely high levels of demand.

As Automotive News states:

"Musk says he is "hell-bent" on making the Silicon Valley automotive upstart a manufacturing powerhouse, but his vision relies on finding veteran auto engineers to ramp up volume ten-fold in four years -- a challenge even for established carmakers."

Tesla's target, as outlined in its Q1 report, calls for 500,000 electric cars to be built in 2018, followed by 1 million in 2020.

That volume will require thousands of additional employees, including top automotive engineers, but some analysts suggest that Tesla won't be able to secure that kind of talent.

Automotive News states:

"Musk needs a visionary auto industry veteran, Cuneyt Oge, president of the Society of Automotive Engineers,  said. "But anyone with that kind of experience is going to say, 'Hey, Elon, you can't do this in two years."

"Greybeards" are crucial to build and run factory systems, said Oge. "You can't just defy the laws of business physics which require you to go down a learning curve collectively to build that systems know-how," he said."

Tesla could certainly secure a lot of young engineering talent, but it's believed that highly experienced individuals will be needed for Tesla to have even a slight chance at hitting its production goals. Those highly-talented, experienced auto engineers may be hard to come by, especially given Tesla's track record of always being behind schedule and working endless hours in an all-out effort to changed the automotive world.

Despite this report, the early indications that given enough incentive (or money if you will), at least veteran executive help will come to Tesla.

Just this past weekend, Peter Hochholdinger, a 22 year exec at Audi whose duties included serving as production head for the A4 and A5 models, along with the Q5 SUV, took up the roll of Vice President of Vehicle Production at Tesla.  One of Mr. Hochholdinger's main jobs will be hiring and retaining the right talent to make sure the Model 3 production goals remain on track - no easy task indeed.

Source: Automotive News

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