Some person named Elon Musk earlier this week brought to our attention a video (above) on something called a "Tesla Model X" and 32 "cool" things it can do.

No shouting on the internet! (via YouTube/<a href=Edmunds)" draggable="false">

No shouting on the internet! (via YouTube/Edmunds)

Apparently, the Model X is some type of futuristic vehicle that you can plug in at home or at special public "charging" places, and requires no petrol.

Can this technology be real?  Will someday the public be able to buy their own "electric" vehicles?

We think the addition of the crazy "space" doors in the promotional video really hurt the credibility that this SUV could ever become a real thing.

Recently, there has also been a rumor of individuals being able to "produce" energy at home using the sun...could this fantastical new vehicle be used in conjunction with "sun power"?

Editor's note:  In other news, with a readership closing in on ~2 million in April, InsideEVs has now completed its (painful/not-so-easy/nightmare) switch to a much larger platform of dedicated servers this weekend, and this post may (or may not) have also served as a "first test" to live check that system.