Hyundai IONIQ Electric in Norway

Hyundai IONIQ Electric in Norway

The Hyundai IONIQ Electric is making making up good ground in the Norwegian market, although it has been temporarily overshadowed by the newly upgraded BMW i3's loud debut month.

In November, the 282 new registrations of IONIQ Electric was not only second best result among all BEVs (after 1,014 i3s - not all of which were fully electric), but quite literally destroyed the conventional hybrid IONIQ, taking 88% of total 321 registrations.

The petrol version, despite being available earlier than the plug-in, only netted 39 deliveries for the month.

So far this year, the IONIQ Electric stands at 353 deliveries out of 530 total IONIQs sold.

Going forward, the special EV tax-treatment in Norway should continue to keep Hyundai busy delivering mainly the electric version, and in more and more volume in the future; especially as the model is expected to get a 200 mile (322 km) version in 2018.

Another positive influence on regional sales, is a 2017 "Car of the Year" title for the Hyundai IONIQ Electric in the country.


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