Vorsteiner, a California-based aftermarket tuning company, just introduced its Vorsteiner VR-E BMW i8.

The mods are mostly aerodynamic in nature, but the focus is in using lightweight elements too.

Vorsteiner VR-E BMW i8

Vorsteiner VR-E BMW i8

According to BMWBLOG, "Vorsteiner VR-E aerodynamics for the BMW i8 consists of a carbon fiber aero front spoiler and an aero rear diffuser."

Finishing off the package is a set of Vorsteiner VFE-301 forged wheels, which are actually lighter than the factory wheels, despite being larger in size.

It also appears as those the Vorsteiner-modded i8 rides a bit lower than stock.

Minus the rather odd paint job, we think this Vorsteiner i8 is one of the cleaner tuned i8s we've seen to date. It has a sleek yet somewhat mean look to it that's growing on us.


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