Plug-in Ford

Plug-in Ford

Ford will soon make use of its "Model E" trademark, which a few years ago Tesla intended to secure for its own upcoming Model 3.

According to the latest news/product update from the Automotive News, the Ford Model E may well not be a single model, but rather a family of compact models - both a car and a crossover, developed with various power trains.

The "E" cars could be potentially arrive as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an all-electric vehicle (just like in case of Hyundai Ioniq).

Range of the Ford Model E BEV is pegged as the long expected/foreshowed 200 miler (320 km), to compete with Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan LEAF 2.0 and Tesla Model 3.

However, the Model E will enter the party fairly late - around Spring of 2019, and will be assembled in Mexico.

source: Automotive News

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