Electric vehicle adoption has grown to see a new form of full service, multi-point, fast charging station emerge.

EV Hub UK, founded by entrepreneur David Lloyd, intends to launch the two first stations by the end of this year.

Each station is to include 10 to 20 fast chargers (we see ABB chargers listed among partners), ensuring everyone who needs a charge, can get a charge...and eliminates the "will it work when I get there" scenario that too often plays out these days.

20-40 minutes of charging at an EV hub location can also make that time well-spent with other on-site facilities - shopping, business meetings, a quick work-out session, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee and food right there on the premises.

"The EV Hub is a unique modular building, designed for use in retail parks and supermarket car parks and other locations such as park & ride, roadside service areas, airports and transport hubs.

The EV Hub comes with a standard 20m x 20m footprint and creates approximately 800 square metres of retail space over 2 floors (approx. 400 square meters on ground & 1st floors) for coffee & food outlets, business centres, fitness studios and many other uses.

The EV Hub’s modular design means they can easily be adapted to meet specific site requirements in terms of size and shape and can be quickly installed with minimal building and construction work, keeping disruption to a minimum."

We are not sure whether dedicated charging hubs with broad offering of other services will become the success that stand-alone charging has yet to achieve, but it's worth a try.

V Hub’s will feature:

  • Between 10 to 20 rapid charging bays, depending on site size, with latest technology allowing vehicles to be fully charged, on average, in around 20 – 40 minutes.
  • An easy Pay As You Go (PAYG) payment facility with all major credit/debit cards.
  • Modern, comfortable lounge facilities for customers to relax and use the facilities.
  • EV Hub’s unique Concierge service, assisting customers with their vehicle charging.
  • Retail, food and beverage outlets.
  • Family friendly areas for mums & dads with children.
  • Business centres and meeting rooms with high-speed broadband offering quiet and privacy for business people on the road.
  • Fitness studio’s and mini gym facilities.
  • Quality EV’s to share, rent or buy through our dealership partners.
  • EV service and repair centres.
  • Our EV Hub Membership Scheme with added customer benefits including special discounts on charging rates and special offers with our retail partners.
  • Our EV Hub Trade & Fleet memberships for companies and fleet owners.
  • State of the art ‘back end’ management software system with phone app that can allow customers to pre-book a charge time slot and can fully integrate with our retail partners loyalty card schemes.



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