Fully Charged just released an interesting episode focused on the Tesla Model 3, with a brief overview on various aspects of the car.

The Model 3 story is not just significant to the "EV community", it has broken into the mainstream media as well, creating an enormous interest in the car all around the world.

It could not only be the first truly mass-market affordable long-range electric car for the world, but a desirable one at that.

"The unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 recently garnered enormous interest around the world.

When will they make them? How will they make that many?

Where will the batteries come from and why do I have a crush on the French Minister of Energy?"

Yesterday, Tesla reported that the deadline for suppliers to provide components for the Model 3 is July of 2017.  CEO Musk also stated during the Q1 conference call on Wednesday that he hopes to build up to 200,000 copies of them before 2017 is up - good news for the ~400,000 reservation holders.

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