Karma Revero - Karma Badge

Karma Revero - Karma Badge

According to latest reports, recently unveiled (and tested) the Karma Revero will be priced higher than the orginal Fisker Karma's $115,000 price-point.

The new Revero will also have about ~50 miles (80 km) of range, up from the 32 miles (51 km) found in the original PHEV.

No specific pricing has yet been released; but the company plans a full reveal of the Revero in just under 4 weeks, so we expect to see the figure then. By way of speculation, a number around $135,000 has been floating around as rumor since early Spring.

First deliveries are expected no later than first quarter of 2017, while the initial production target stands at 900 in the first year.

Bought an original Fisker Karma? You get first crack at the new breed!

Bought an original Fisker Karma? You get first crack at the new breed!

The original Fisker Karma sold about 2,000 units; and those buyers will get the opportunity to buy the Revero first, with early reservations being accepted this week.

Karma Automotive hopes that the Revero will open the doors for further higher-volume models, just like Tesla did with the Roadster and Model S, although the company will be going down-stream (at least in China) with plans to build the less expensive Atlantic model.

The Tesla Model S is apparently targeted as competitor for consumers that are interested in high-end, luxury plug-ins.

"Karma plans to sell an exclusive sports sedan to people who currently buy the Tesla Model S and other expensive sporty cars. Under Wanxiang Group Corp. and its chairman Lu Guanqiu, Karma is one of several Chinese-backed plug-in car companies that are targeting the U.S. market with electric cars that will take on Tesla Motors Inc."

Chief Revenue Officer Jim Taylor said:

"We think we're in Tesla's court. If it was just about style, we would only go head to head with Aston Martin and Maserati. But these buyers are also interested in the technology."

Well, to our taste the Karma Revero is different type of vehicle than the Model S, and the company is still more in Tesla Roadster stage than the Model S, but it's still good to see this standard of plug-in hybrid coming soon.

Among other news Karma Automotive announced first batch of dealers, and Wanxiang is gearing up for $375 million production plant in China.  Also check out Wired's first drive report on the new Karma here.

source: Automotive News

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