Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla recently posted at least two job openings that would seem to indicate that design work beyond the Model 3 will begin soon.

The two roles, senior exterior designer and senior interior designer, specifically mention "design development of future Tesla vehicles." Considering that "pencils down" on the Model 3 occurred back in late Summer, these two high-level design positions must be for vehicles beyond the 3, perhaps the crossover Model Y based on the 3's platform, or maybe even other offerings such as the Tesla minibus or the Tesla semi truck.

Here are the two job postings, with "future Tesla vehicles" highlighted via Teslarati:

Senior Exterior Designer (via <a href=Teslarati)" draggable="false">

Senior Exterior Designer (via Teslarati)


Senior Interior Designer (via <a href=Teslarati)" draggable="false">

Senior Interior Designer (via Teslarati)

Tesla needs to be designing out in advance now if it wants to keep to its goal of launching several new models by 2020, so it will certainly have to beef up its design (and development) teams. No longer is Tesla able to focus only on getting one car ready at a time.

Source: Teslarati

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