Tesla Model S All-Glass Roof - <a href=Image Via Nick Hoffman" draggable="false">

Tesla Model S All-Glass Roof - Image Via Nick Hoffman

Image <a href=Via Nick Hoffman" draggable="false">

Image Via Nick Hoffman

Recently, Tesla revealed a new all-glass roof option for the Model S, similar to that shown in Model 3 prototypes. Twitter user, Nick Hoffman, was gracious enough to post some videos and pictures so that we could all see it in "real life."

The Model S all-glass roof option will cost $1,500. It will attempt to keep out the sun's harmful rays, with ultraviolet treatment. The glass is also infrared, so it keeps out heat (how about some innovative application for those in more frigid climates?).

This all comes as a product of Tesla's new "Tesla Glass" division. The company is manufacturing its own glass, primarily for use in the newly-unveiled Solar City glass roof tiles. The glass will also be used in all of Tesla's vehicles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out that the Model S' body is now even safer as a result of further reinforcement that took place as part of the glass roof application and installation.

Check out Nick's videos below:

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